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Where is the Shaft #210?!

brentcopeland aMHostS posted 21 hours ago
How dare we?! Blame Maz! Blame PAX! Who knows what excuse we'll give. Well, I do. Sorry about the lack of a show this week everyone. Wes and Guude were off at PAX, so it was up to Maz and I to figure out a good time. So in the end, Blame Australia. We had a great time set up, and everything. But because of time changes and getting information on confusaled, we both showed up at different times.

So will there be a show this week? I can't guarantee that, but I will talk with Maz again, and maybe we can record tomorrow or tonight, or something.

There is a bunch of exciting stuff coming up for Minecraft that we want to talk about and discuss too, so it will be a good show if it happens! Maybe this is the time where I release the secret episode? Hmmm...

Nope... Instead! Here's a quick look back at the first 50 episodes! If you enjoy it, let us know with some likes and thumbs up! And we'll get the next 50 episodes added soon!

JBJblaze EMSW I'd vote for a nighttime episode if The Shaft does air this weekend. As for the secret episode, I think it would be cool ...

The Shaft #209 w/ Brent & Maz

brentcopeland aMHostS posted Tue at 14:00
Brent and Maz welcome in the New year, talking about minecraft!

Here is the audio version, which you can get off of iTunes as well!