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The Shaft 54: PaulSoaresJr

Recorded on October 16 2011


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Our Journey .
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- setting up a family server and trying to talk my wife into playing... HOW’D YOU DO IT Paul?

- 19pre4 (found a stronghold using the Eye of Ender)
- Spawned some dragons!

- supplanted actual gameplay with watching lets plays

- Skyblock custom map; 1.9 Prerelease test drives; “Man, Woman, Minecraft”; MvM Season 2 Finale!

Minecraft Daily - News & Updates .
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- Beta 1.9-pre4 came out this week - biggest changes are as follows:

  • New realm: The End, home of the Endermen and Enderdragons.
    • You need to craft at least 12 Eyes of Ender, and locate a stronghold, in order to reach The End (full details in the Minecraft Wiki entry);
    • Like The Nether, clocks and compasses don’t work correctly; beds explode when used; and maps will only map ‘static’;
    • At the moment, the only legitimate way you can leave the dimension is by dying...
  • Enchanting is now expanded:
    • Can enchant swords, shovels, pickaxes, axes and armor (again, full details are in the wiki article);
    • A use for bookshelves! When placed near enchanting tables, they will increase the potency of the enchantments;
    • Simple hack for decoding the SGA “gibberish” on-the-fly (  the “words” are still nearly useless but you can eventually map each word to specific enchantment effects
  • An new use for gunpowder: Splash Potions - craftable, throwable AoE potions:
    • Any potion, positive or negative, can be turned into a Splash Potion, and retain the original potion’s effects - allowing AoE damage and AoE healing.
  • The sun and the moon are now ROUND - shock, horror - and Notch has also moved them so that they rise in the east and set in the west. And you thought they did that already, but no: according to a tweet from Notch back in July, they moved north to south.
    • A consequence of this is that the sun and moon now set in the direction that clouds move, which was actually westwards, not northwards. (Is your head spinning yet? -- Mark)

- Minecraft garners two awards at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC Online) in Austin, TX

  • MinecraftChick was on hand at the ceremony to receive the awards for Best Community Relations and Best Live Game;
  • Fun fact: MinecraftChick tweeted that she had the awards in her carry-on baggage, and they had to be taken out and swabbed down to ensure they weren’t explosives! (They weren’t, in case anyone’s wondering...)

- Carl Manneh tweeted on Friday that he’d had word that Minecon was close to selling out. (I’ve not been able to locate confirmation for this - Mark)

- Writer and comedian Kristen Schaal (The Daily Show; Flight of the Conchords) has teamed up with Sony Ericsson for the Facebook-based contest Build for Kristen:

  • Entrants have until November 7 to build a palace for Kristen;
  • Winners will be flown to New York to meet Kristen and present their creation. (Personally, I’d rather win an Xperia Play, but that’s just me - Mark)
  • The YouTube video advertising the contest can be found here.

Listener Contributions
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(Astragali: Am I correct in thinking that it’s still you guys doing this section? I seem to recall Brent and Eric asking me to cover News, ES and Sightings...)

from James
Hey guys! People keep saying that Notch is adding to much especially in the 1.9 pre-releases with Alcemy and Echanting but before these updates people said that there was to little so I want your opinion is Notch adding to much to the game?

Excavation Station

buildings created by players

Note from Astragali: Guys, you might wanna tell your viewers not to bother sending in suggestions for stained glass or pipes. I’m just going to automatically delete them! >.< (I found one for stained glass, and two for pipes this week)

- (Submitted by futureguy51) Gold ore in rivers:

  • I think that gold ore should have a chance to generate in rivers. This would make sense since in real life gold is often found in rivers.
  • P.S. I just wanted to say that I love the show and love to listen to your random ramblings on all things minecraft."

- (Submitted by Imperialistic and jessartisan) Werewolves:
  • With the new moon phases how about some of the NPC Villagers turning into Werewolves every full moon (Every 8 Ingame days?)

- (Submitted by ThatFergusonKid) A proper trading system:

  • I think you should be able to trade with players properly, instead of having to toss your items. I've been scammed on a few servers because there isn't any way to exchange items simultaneously.

- (Submitted by Thurbleton - edited by Mark for clarity) Better terrain-generation control:

  • The ability to supply a percentage chance for each biome to generate;
  • This could be used to create themed worlds on SMP servers, e.g. desert world, water world (even all-underground world?)

- (Submitted by Retro Guy Fawkes) [GET THE BUZZER READY!] More stuff to farm...

  • The addition of tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, and celery being able to be grown. Also sandwiches that use the new meats, being able to make mayo using milk and eggs, and getting mustard seeds from chests like melons so you can make mustard. Finally with all the new veggies you can make a salad.


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[LINK] An unusual tip for getting a performance boost in Minecraft (if you have the right sort of GFX card): run another game at the same time to force FPS optimization... (submitted by thecrystalcrow, Astra’s erstwhile news-gathering partner-in-crime)

[MOD] Minecraft Weeping Angels Mod (submitted by stahscream) (vid of the Angels in action)

[VID] Minecraft Office (submitted by thecrystalcrow)

[VID] - Mob Saloon:  (by slamacow)

[VID] CTR4 Team Gold Highlight Reel (submitted by PretzelCast)

[VID] The Ultimate Miner - SimpleGamerz vs. Mhykol - the first Minecraft gameshow? (submitted by Astragali)
Welcome everyone to the first ever Minecraft gameshow, The Ultimate Miner! Our first two contestants battle for supremacy in this amazing first episode!

[VID] We Built This Town (behind the scenes)

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Shaft 53: alefnull

The Dead Workers Party threw a party, and despite no sleep, too much beer, and too many games, we coaxed Alefnull to join us in the studio! In this episode we discuss the bizarre reality of beta pre-releases, the inevitability of dragon saddles, and celebrate one entire year of The Shaft!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Shaft 52: Rob Moran

Hey Wes, this is the podcast calling. You really upset Rob by not being here this week. I think he made some animations for you and captured your essence perfectly. I think you should listen to the show, so you can hear how angry he was. signed, yours truly, the podcast


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