Monday, March 21, 2011

The Shaft 25: Three Times a MinecraftChick

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  1. Hey guys. Just wanted to enlighten you a little more on the Chain World issue.

    The game was created because of a designer challenger at GDC, in which a few designers were tasked with the challenge of designing a game that emulates religion. Chain World was supposed to be all about discovering the mysteries of the generations that came before us (hence the deleting of the save, so that the next person doesn't have any idea of what you were doing or were working on).

    The reason people are upset about the charity thing is that it ruins a part of what Rohrer was doing. We now all know who will be getting the game, getting rid of the mystery, and Rohrer wanted the game to pass from person to person in more personal ways. By auctioning it off, it only goes to who has the most money and who has the most fame. Rohrer has even said that it is not how he wanted the game to go.

    I suggested you watch his speech and read some of the comments people have made about the issue. It's really quite interesting.

  2. Jesus, can you guys just change your name to the Dead Miners Party?
    I disapprove of my favorite podcasters selling out but hey, at least you guys are finally making money out of this.

    P.s. Hey, Wes? Remember when you promised us the most epic episode 50 of NoG ever? I'm still waiting on that.

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